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Is your face aging before its time?
Could these ingredients be the reason why?


 Moisture Rich Cleanser: mineral oil, petrolatum, artificial colors, fragrance

 Moisture Rich Toning Lotion 3: fragrance

 Moisture Rich Conditioning Cream: artificial color, fragrance


 Super Night Cream: mineral oil

 Visible Change Moisture Lotion: mineral oil, collagen

 Skin Toner: SD alcohol, artificial colors


 Hydra Dior Cleansing Emulsion: mineral oil, fragrance

 Stimulating Lotion: SD alcohol, color, fragrance, collagen


 Gentle Night Revitalizing Cream: mineral oil, cell extracts, fragrance

 Nite Moiturizer: mineral oil, fragrance

 Plant Facial Mask: mineral oil


 Extremely Gentle Cleansing Cream: mineral oil, petrolatum, lanolin, artificial colors

 Clarifying Lotion 3: SD alcohol, acetone, artificial colors

 Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion: mineral oil, lanolin, petrolatum, colors


 Hydrating Cleaner: mineral oil, artificial color, artificial fragrance

 Night Renewal Crème: mineral oil, lanolin, fragrance, SD alcohol

 Revitalizing Toner: SD alcohol, fragrance


 Active Phelilyl Oil: mineral oil, BHA, fragrance

 Light Controlling Lotion: SD40 alcohol, fragrance

 Phelilyl Replenishing Eye Cream: petrolatum, BHA, mineral oil, SD alcohol


 Tender Crème Cleanser: mineral oil, fragrance

 Mild Action Protection Tonic: SD alcohol, fragrance, color

 Skin Perfecting Crème: collagen, serum protein, fragrance

 Swiss Performing Extract: animal products, lanolin, mineral oil, SD alcohol, fragrance

 FASHION FAIR (formulated for dark skin)

 Deep Cleansing Lotion: mineral oil, lanolin, fragrance

 Deep Pore Astringent: SD alcohol, fragrance, artificial colors

 Moisture Lotion: mineral oil, lanolin, petrolatum, fragrance


 Light and Lovely Cleansing Lotion: mineral oil, petrolatum, lanolin, SD alcohol,  artificial fragrance

 Facial Cocktail Skin Freshener: SD alcohol, fragrance, artificial colors

 Royal Moisture Crème: mineral oil, fragrance, lanolin, artificial colors


 Essential Purifying Gel: fragrance

 Cellular Skin Conditioner: acetylated lanolin, mineral oil, animal products, fragrance


 Cleanser Gelatte: mineral oil

 Tonque Fraicheur: artificial color red #4, yellow #6, fragrance, SD alcohol 9%

 Hydrix (Moisturizer): mineral oil, lanolin, petrolatum, fragrance


 Cleansing Cream Formula 1: mineral oil, petrolatum, fragrance

 Skin Freshener Formula 2: SD alcohol, artificial colors

 Night Cream Formula: mineral oil, petrolatum, fragrance, artificial color


 Toner: SD40 alcohol, FD&C yellow #6 and blue #1

 Foaming Gel Wash: non oxynol 15


 Cleansing Lotion: mineral oil, petrolatum, lanolin, animal products

 Fresh-N-Fair: SD alcohol, fragrance, colors

 Moisture Emulsion: mineral oil, fragrance, lanolin, SD alcohol


 NaPCA Moisture Cream: human placental extract, fragrance

 Rejuvenating Cream: human placental extract,
 quaternary ammonium compounds

 Intesive Eye Complex: avian collagen


 Skin Refiner-Soothing Cream Cleanser: mineral oil, benzyl alcohol, color

 Multi Moisture: animal proteins, collagen

 Skin Balancer: collagen


 Extraordinary Lotion Cleanser: mineral oil, lanolin, SD alcohol,
 hydrolyzed animal protein, fragrance, colors

 Moisture Lotion Concentrate: lanolin, SD alcohol, collagen,
 hydrolyzed animal protein, fragrance


 Proteinized Cleanser: petrolatum, lanolin, fragrance, color

 Herbal Refreshener: SD alcohol, fragrance, color


 Facial Cleansing Crème: mineral oil, petrolatum, fragrance

 Facial Soothing Lotion: fragrance

 Facial Moisturizing Lotion: alcohol, petrolatum, fragrance

Products, names and ingredients as of 2002. Products may no longer exist and names and/or ingredients may have changed.

If your favorite company or particular product is not on this list, it does not necessarily mean the company or product contains only healthy ingredients. This is only a very small list meant to be representative of the behavior of the vast majority of so-called "skin care" companies. It is hoped that this small list will inspire you to research the ingredients in the products you use.

Don't trust the ingredients listed on the container. This is usually very limited and minimal. Contact the company for a product detail sheet showing all ingredients.

"Beauty to Die For - The Cosmetic Consequence" by Judi Vance
"Cometics Unmasked" by Dr Stephen & Gina Antczak

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